Do you have doubts

what's happening to your company fleet during the day?

Be up to date with your vehicles by getting exact insight of their activity.
Easy to install, easy to use.


Track your fleet

Manage and control your vehicles with an easy-to-use, transparent platform with real time information on current vehicle positions on a map.

Check the activity

Improve efficiency by controlling worktime by using comprehensive activity reports based on routes and POIs visited by a vehicle or the entire fleet.

Control usage

Monitor utilization and optimize your costs by cutting down unneccesery expensanses, speedings and fuel consumption.

Make your business more efficient by...

• reducing your average mileage by 10-15%
• improving the utilization of working time
• avoiding inadequate car use and preventing non-compliant activities

... RoadOn solution without
expensive tools and installation fees

Use the dashboard to report and app for real-time info

How it works?

1. Stick it

2. Track it

3. Love it

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